Monday, April 30, 2012

Master Bedroom Progress

So, my exciting steal of a deal that I found on Saturday is installed and ready to reveal! A new light fixture to replace our builder basic flush mount fixture. I have been looking for one for months but I knew exactly what I wanted - drum shade with a linen look, not too dark in colour, semi-flush mount and at least 3 bulbs. Not picky at all, right?! I guess that explains why the search was taking forever - if I found one, it was way out of our budget.

The fixture we had had 1 bulb in it. You might as well get dressed in the dark. The light was terrible. I happened to be driving by Design Lighting and saw signs for a One Day Sale. Perfect! Can't hurt to stop in and take a peek on my way back, riiiiiiight?? The fixture I ended up going for met all of my requirements, except it had 4 tube bulbs and wasn't quite as deep as I was hoping for. BUT, the price was right - regular $225, marked down to $75. SOLD. We installed it yesterday, and only ran into a couple hiccups. The screws provided were a bit too long to bring the fixture flush and cover the ceiling hole - quickly remedied when I suggested Kris just cut them shorter. Ha, could have been risky... but it worked out. And I didn't like the colour of the lights that they sold me. I said I wanted "not CFL-blue, and not yellow". It was white alright. Like a laundry room. Eek. So I sent my husbie on a quick run to pick up one shade warmer. However, he hit 5 stores and had no luck (so much for them telling me that these bulbs are really easy to find!!)... soon we'll be good to go. The only drawback is that the light kind of quickly flickers on (like a fluorescent does). But, I'll get over it.

A couple of the other updates are that we finally installed our Pottery Barn ledge, and put our wedding tree up with the "XO" letters that I sprayed gold in my painting binge last weekend. Confession? I don't love it. It ended up taking up way more of the wall than I anticipated and it feels too high. But, that ledge is anchored in and ain't never coming out thanks to 3 screws to studs and 2 toggle bolts. So I'll learn to live with it for now. Ultimately, it's nice to have our wedding tree (which was custom framed - I spent enough money on that to make you fall on your face. Ouch.) up instead of in a corner. Click here for the post on our diy bedside tables, and here for the feature on our diy headboard.

Apologies for the crap photos. I forgot I hadn't taken any until 8:00 tonight, so there is virtually no light and a whole lot of grainy. What's a girl to do?? I didn't bother with the rest of the room because there's nothing happening there, friends. Look away.

This is with the light on - a bit stark! We will be switching for warmer toned bulbs!
So the remaining To-Do list is:
  • Crown Molding (through the whole house) - long term
  • Art/frames on the walls in a gallery layout - short term
  • A full length framed mirror, possibly diy - short term
  • New doors including closets - long term
  • Replace lampshades (or lamps altogether) with white drums - short term
  • Throw pillows - short term
  • Taller vase or object on ledge - short term
  • Curtains - short term
We are getting there! Those 2 long term items are wishlist items and may not happen before we move out of this house, but we'll see. That's it for now!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 points if you can guess what this is....

... but if you already know what it is (I couldn't control stop myself from posting about it on Facebook), you don't count!

I'm very excited about this purchase for the master bedroom! I stumbled upon a huge sale today and couldn't resist this particular item (it's something pretty specific that I have been looking for at the right price for a loooong time).

Hopefully I'll get to show you pictures of it completed this weekend, if my handy hubby cooperates!

Can you guess what it is??

Stay tuuuuuned!!


Friday, April 27, 2012

We are a dot com!

Woo hoooo! Inspired by this post, I decided to convert our blog to a dot com... so instead of, we are now just If you have bookmarked the old one, don't worry - it will re-direct you automatically. Worth $10? Definitely! Read more about buying your domain here.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Front Door Artsy Fartsy

Finally! I finished up the art for our front entrance yesterday (if you missed our board + batten post awhile back, find it here).


 I mixed some frames into this wall, working around our thermostat and light switch to blend them in a little. I made the confetti print with blank paper, a pencil and stamp pad. I just used the eraser to stamp the ink onto the paper just the way you see it. It literally took me 5 minutes. For the whole 5 minutes, Kris looked over my shoulder with intense skepticism, haha. Actually, he did that for this entire project. Ye of no faith.

The green ombre print is a paint chip! I got the idea from Chris loves Julia. The flower print is a cropped wedding photo of one of my beautiful coral peonies. I actually only printed it out regular paper on my home printer so it's actually terrible, but I don't mind for now!

The quote was an idea from Young House Love, and I liked it. So, I just wrote it out and went with their cool formatting. And I didn't feel like investing a whole lot of thought either, obviously.

All the photos are wedding photos that I finally printed. I used 3M Picture Hanging strips that I had to hang everything (so no holes in the walls!)... I am obsessed with them. Some of the frames were narrow enough that I was able to cut the strips down and make them stretch a little further. We also used them for all the leaning frames and canvasses on the ledge so that we didn't risk them falling on anyone.

So the resounding theme for all of this art? It was all free, free, free. I used stuff that I had and re-purposed it. I already had all of the frames, but gave them all a few coats of gold or white spray paint (remember that spray painting binge I was on last weekend? These may have fallen victim to it).

Here are a couple other details in our entrance way:

How cute is Wilburillian? That name has a story.
I have a bunch of other frames that I painted at the same time that I will be filling for a gallery wall in our bedroom... so that will be coming soon too! I also finally took some photos of our living room - the house was clean, so I quickly whipped out the camera :) We are cleaning out the garage today (it is amazing how it fills up so full every 6 months), which is one of my least favourite tasks, but I know I'll be glad when it's done. We don't actually get Spring clean-up pick up but it's a good time for it anyway.

Have you gotten crafty and diy-ed any of our own art? Or doing any Spring purging?


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Funday

Kris is pressure washing our deck and front entrance area as I write (after insisting on buying a pressure washer so he doesn't have to borrow one... just one more thing to store in the garage! When are we moving?!). I spent the afternoon spray painting anything I could get my hands on... so I'll have pictures to post soon of all sorts of little updates (think picture frames, old lanterns, paper mache letters, a candle holder... yup, I went to town!). I am on a spray painting binge. I love that it's so easy to give something a completely new and updated look! Thank goodness for my spray paint grip handle... saves my trigger finger!

Just a few of the spray paints I had out... I had yellow, gold and another blue too (on that note, I can't seem to get the right cobalt blue that I want! I have 3 different cans of "cobalt blue" that are more like bright blue. Anyone have the perfect cobalt blue to suggest?!)
This photo also highlights how desperately we need to do something with our garage floor. So many oil stains from our old cars!

We picked up some new doormats, our bulbs are just about blooming, herbs are growing... Spring, I am ready for you!!!! While I wait for the paint to set, I worked on a little bit of diy art so that I can finally finish the board + batten mantle at the front door. All of this activity means I will have a plethora of posts coming up :) Productive Sunday! And the Funday bit is the new Coors Light Iced T's we tried out... have you heard of these? They are brand new, and surprisingly not bad! Kris is a bit of a beer connoisseur and he thinks they are pretty tasty too - kind of like a light beer with a refreshing fruit undertone. Yum.

Does the sunshine and approaching Spring weather inspire you too? What little projects have you been working on?


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm BACK, baby.

Sigh. We are back home, and back to reality. We arrived at YVR late last night (mental note - tank top and skirt is not appropriate attire for Vancouver in early April at 1am... brrrrrrr) and have spent the day doing laundry, grocery shopping and getting things back to normal in general. And as much as I am sad to leave Maui, there is nothing like coming home to a clean house (one that you are genuinely sure is clean because you did it yourself... top to bottom, compulsively before you left on holidays) and is only lived in by you. I'm weird about that. I'm never really that comfortable in a hotel/condo because I'm just not convinced of its cleanliness.  So here is what I'm looking at today:
Laundry, laundry and more laundry. Yippee.

In other news, I had mentioned that I was going to work on my herb window box before I went away... which I did! However, pots of dirt aren't that thrilling to talk about. I was very excited to see that they went crazy while we were away!! They have only been planted for about 2-2.5 weeks and are fully sprouting. Mucho thanks to my sister who watered my plants while we were away, otherwise they would probably be dead.

We picked up the plastic pots from Lowe's, used potting soil that we had on hand and bought the seed packets from Home Depot. We planted 2 pots of lavender (just so I can cut it for vases!) and 1 each of sweet basil, spearmint, cilantro, oregano, rosemary and dill. I realized later that cilantro and basil can't go outside, so that's why they are in different pots because they'll have to stay indoors. We put a slow release fertilizer in (recommended by a staffer at Potters) and then have watered only lightly. Apparently, they don't like to be too wet. We left them in the window sill when we went away because it's not quite warm enough for them to go outside yet (most of the packets say 14-20 degrees Celsius). I did notice that the mint had teeny little bugs on it today... little white-ish hopping things. Gross. I do not want bugs in the house so decided to put them in the window box. We'll see how they do... I can always pull them back in.

I am really looking foward to having fresh herbs at home that we can just cut and bring in... we frequently buy fresh herbs but can never use them up before they start to go bad. The window box was a perfect place for it - it's just off the spare room window. We have never had anything in it, and it's south facing so will get tons of sunlight. I am pretty sure I have a black thumb, so am hoping to turn it green :)

How crazy is that dill?! I've read that it can be tough to contain... that should be interesting!! I used Martha Stewart large elastic labels to mark them because I had them around the house. I'm sad to say I'm a little disappointed... at least 3 of them have snapped (as you can see in the photos). So that's a bit of a bummer because they aren't cheap. I'll have to do something a little more permanent. Once these herbs start to grow in, I'll take a long shot. I truly have the hugest window box ever (there's still room for more!).

A couple more shots of the flowers I bought when we went grocery shopping today to brighten up the house too... there may be a mini master bedroom sneak peek in here. Or not. But maybe.

I love that I can go to Safeway and spend $8 to fill 4 vases. I was super excited to see snap dragons (I had a hard time choosing just one colour)... and I buy baby's breath often. It's so easy, it looks the same when it's dead. I may have left some baby's breath in a vase for almost 2 months. You wouldn't know. This, however... is fresh.

Well, that's it. Back to work tomorrow. Sigh. I might look at Maui timeshares instead. For when I win the lottery :)


ps. thank you diptic app for making photo layouts that even I can figure out. If you could just not crop them... 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Oooooh, so exciting! Pamela from PBJstories featured our headboard that we built using her fabulous tutorial. Check out the feature here, and you will find the steps that we took along with the little tweaks we made.

Pamela has started a new series called All About You! Featuring your DIYs and Projects on her blog, and this happens to be kicking it off. You don't need a blog to submit your projects, so get going! Get over there and submit your project to her for her new feature series, running on Tuesdays. She has a fantastic blog and has given me tons of project inspiration... she also has this Etsy shop selling amazing wooden signs. Check it out!

In the meantime, I'll be frolicking in the Maui surf, catching up on my reading list and sipping tropical cocktails. Ahhhhhh.