Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of 2012

I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your holidays!! I know I did, Christmas was full of time spent with friends and family.

Maybe this is slightly obnoxious of me to post about, considering this blog is still just a baby... but I'm doin' it anyway!! Here's a recap of my best diy projects over the past 9 months of this little bloggy blog's life.

Well, we'll stop there. I am so looking forward to 2013: more fun projects & growing my blog. Hope you'll stick around :)


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Monday, December 24, 2012

My Sister's Place: Christmas Tour

This post is full visual prettiness to feast your eyes on. My sister recently moved into a new place so has been decorating like mad and adding her personal style to it. It is SO pretty, the perfect combination of rustic glam. She hosted a girls night earlier this month so has some seasonal decor up too. Check it out:
Great way to make a basement entrance pretty - oodles of tea lights in mason jars & poinsettias
That's my other sister tidying up our junk so I could take some photos before the girls arrived. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see these. Haha, sorry B.
Oops, looks like I managed to catch a shot while the lights around the door were out!!
Garland made by my sister's bestie, Courtney of C Star Events... I kind of want my own. Hear that, Courtney?! ;)
How awesome is that antique crate made into an end table?!
Nesting tables from West Elm, Floor pillows & rug from Target, throw from Ikea
Action shot: waiting for the girls to arrive
Master Bedroom
Painting by yours truly ;)
I just love how she has put everything together, she has such great taste. And I also love the simple Christmas touches with so much impact!

This will be it for me until after Christmas - we will be spending time with family. I had really good intentions of getting the photos and menu from last night's Christmas Cocktail party up, but they will have to wait. I hope you all have a lovely holiday and a very Merry Christmas!!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Home Tour: Christmas Edition

Whew, my holiday decorating is complete for the season! Here goes the tour.

You might remember that I altered our colour scheme this year from brown/red/gold/copper to white/cream/gold/silver/copper. I had fun crafting up new things and keeping my costs low this year around (not my strength if you know me!). Check out these posts for more details on my crafty projects:
Living Room Art
Tree & Skirt
Dining Room Vignette

Apologies for the photos once again - light has been sparse lately and I couldn't wait any longer to get these photos done. So, unfortunately they are poorly lit shots!

Living Room:
Landing (beside living room):
Dining Room:
Upstairs Hallway:
Main Bathroom:
Master Bedroom (I have made a ton of changes in this room since I last posted about it... I'll have to post an update in the new year!):
Front Door:
I haven't included the spare room and ensuite bathroom since they didn't get any holiday love. Plus, the spare room is currently my gift wrapping war zone. I did miss the inside area of the front door... oh well. There's a little vignette there. 

Coming up next... we host a Christmas Cocktail Party every year, so I am busy making food and preparing for that. I'll share my menu and recipes soon! Hope everyone is ready for the holidays and starting to relax and enjoy time with family.


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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hallway Art Switch Up

I have been silent on the blog front all week - sorry about that. Time has just completely escaped me with all of the Christmas hooplah. I'll be back before Christmas with a couple posts - our holiday home tour and our annual Christmas party menu. I have a quick post today about an easy change we made in our upstairs hallway!

I don't think that the original hallway ever made the blog. It was inspired by Young House Love's living room art - Ikea Ribba frames with coloured cardstock... so here is an crappy old Blackberry photo of what it looked like before (it's the only one I have!!):
And here's the holiday version that I posted last week.
When I covered the frames for Christmas (seen here) like I did last year, it was not working for me. I decided that now was the time to change what was in the frames and make it neutral, easy to transition through the seasons and to tell a story of us without us being in them. Not to worry, the coverings won't go to waste - I plan to use them to wrap gifts with.

So, I decided to spray paint the mats gold... easy peasy. For the photos, I knew I wanted to stick with black and white. I decided to go with photos of places that have meaning to us. I had 8 printed and then narrowed it down once I got home. The extra 3 prints can go in other frames that we have. For the printing, obviously 12x12 is not a common photo size. I started uploading them to London Drugs for printing... until I saw it was $14.95. PER PRINT. Are you freaking kidding me?! Abort, abort. Walmart didn't print this size, so then I tried Costco. Win! $2.99 per print and ready in a hour. Now we're talking!! If you can believe it, I went to Costco on Tuesday afternoon - got a parking spot right away, ran straight to the photo centre and was in and out within 3 minutes. Amazing.

Here's the end result:
These aren't in the same order as they appear on the wall (ooops), but here's what the photos are of:
1. The view out of a little restaurant in La Romana, Dominican Republic while we were on our honeymoon (June, 2011).
2. The view out of our car window on the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii when we were there in April.
3. A little chapel along the Road to Hana.
4. The Gorge Amphitheatre at the Dave Matthews Band Concert in September, 2010 - where we were engaged!
5. A heart shaped rock that Kris spotted when we were checking out beaches in Lahaina in Maui. Same trip... we just loved Maui so much.

I love how it turned out!! What do you think?

Oh, and if you are especially observant, you will notice that my greenery has changed. Boo. My cedar and boxwood were basically kindling after 9-10 days despite all of my best efforts (which included cutting new ends, lightly hammering them, soaking them in cold water for 24 hours and then continually misting them daily). I picked up some silver fir half price at Potters (I think she felt sorry for me after I told her everything I had done to extend their life). As long as it makes it past Sunday for our annual Christmas party, I will be happy. Not sure that I will keep up the live greenery for future years considering it hasn't worked out for the past 2 years!!


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