Friday, April 05, 2013


Update: My stencilled curtains in the master bedroom were featured on Craftberry Bush, Crafty Scrappy Happy and Design, Dining & Diapers today!! I'm feeling the love this week - it's awesome!!

Liz Marie Blog
My stencilled (stenciled? that will bother me forever) curtains were featured yesterday on Liz Marie Blog as one of her link up favourites, how awesome is that?! Check out the feature here.
Just so you know, you can spell stencilled with one "l" or two ;) Clearly, the ambiguity is making me nuts.


ps. making a little trip to Target for a certain little rug this weekend... (it better be in stock or heads will roll I will be sad). 

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Crazy News...

So, I left you hanging about my crazy news (right? You are totally dying to hear the crazy news I teased you about in my last post? You have been refreshing my blog every hour to see if it's up yet?? I thought so.). Well, it's not that crazy. But a little crazy.

I'm so bored of our living/dining area. BOOM.

What?? Not crazy news worthy??

You might change your mind when I tell you what I think I'm going to do.... I'm going all neutral. ALL NEUTRAL. No colours anymore. Well, maybe a little... but not much. But anything but neutral-beige boring, I promise.

If there's one thing I've learned about myself, it's how quickly I grow bored of my surroundings at home. Not because they aren't awesome, but we spend a LOT of time on this floor of our house. We live in a small space, and we spend most of our waking hours in our living/dining area. This shouldn't be shocking if you know me, because I change things in our house all the time. At least I know myself well enough to ensure that the big things (wall colours, big furniture, draperies, etc) are always neutral. If I keep the big things neutral, it's easy to make changes with simple things like pillows, throws and art (diy/inexpensive art of course).

So, here's what I'm thinking... I still like the blues & greens (just not in our living area), so I'm going to transplant them to our guest bedroom which has never really gotten much love. In fact, all it ever gets are leftovers from the rest of the house. Which is not changing I guess, ha. Both Kris and I are over the water canvasses that have been over the couch for 4 years. Hard to believe I let them live there that long, I know... but they were awful to hang. So that's really the only reason they are still there. I still like the rug, but find it really busy in combination with the glass coffee tables. Those are the only 2 major objects that will be affected - the rest is just pillows, accents and things that I can spray paint or move.

My plan is to get this rug:

 I would LOVE one of these West Elm rugs (OBSESSED):
West Elm Souk Rug (find it here)
West Elm Kasbah Rug (find it here)
but both are WAY out of our budget. So Target rug it is.

I'm thinking about a big gallery wall over the couch. I think I have enough frames to fill the whole wall so it's just a matter of deciding what to put in them (thinking some black & white photos and prints with the odd colour hit). For the rest of the scheme, I would like to do some graphic black and white throw pillows, maybe some light gray... bits of gold - possibly some coral or mint hits? Whatever colour I include, it will be fairly minimal, just a few surprises here and there. I started pinning images like crazy - check out my redesign pinboard here... here's a little peek. I was pinning like crazy so now I need to go back and find the right sources because some of them are duds.
I loved this pillow but it was mucho expensivo and now sold out:
The other thought I had was to remove the glass tops from our coffee tables and replace it with some rustic (really rustic) planks of wood. There's nothing wrong with the glass, but I think the wood would add some warmth and character. Kinda like...
Source: Union Wood Co
Source: Unsure? Let me know if you know it!
Source: Stylizimo
Source: DecorPad
Now all this being said, it will be a slow transition in order to make it manageable financially. So it could take awhile! We do have some giftcards that we hope to use, so hopefully that makes it a bit easier. So what do you think? Boring, or potential?


ps... in case you haven't heard, Google Reader is disappearing. You can follow me here on Bloglovin'.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Stencilled Curtains | Part Two

Carrying on from my last post on our stencilled curtains for the living and dining rooms... here are the details on our master bedroom curtains.
I used the large Herringbone stencil. Word to the wise, I would say this is a more advanced stencil because of all of the straight lines. Mine have quite a few goofs or paint bleeds. I'm okay with it - especially since they were the 5th and 6th panels I did. I was so done. The imperfections just add character, right?! I used gold metallic paint on these panels - it's actually a mix of 2 different gold acrylic craft paints plus fabric medium and watered down a bit. I stuck with a foam roller and went to it.
See those little goofs I mentioned? Good thing no one stares at curtains up close. I hope. 
I wish the photos showed the colour better - they look gold in person (even a bit glittery), but the photos make it look like mustard-poop. And the colour is completely yellowed and whack because my iphone really didn't want to balance the bright windows. Sorry. I really do need to get on getting a card reader for our macbook.

Our bedroom has lower ceilings and a smaller window, so I hung the rods higher (and wider) in there and hemmed the panels with Heat n' Bond.
Notice the extreme slope to our bed?! Mmmhmm. Fun little side effect of hubby's acid reflux. By fun, I mean not fun. I feel like I climb a mountain all night long or wake up at the bottom of the bed. 
This photo is just so that you can oooooh and ahhhh over my new vase. It's kind of awesome. I was super excited to be able to get peonies this weekend, but so disappointed as all but 2 (out of 10) of them completely wilted and died within 2 days. Anyone have any tips to keep cut peonies alive longer?? At the price I paid, it'll be awhile before I do that again.
For the details on the process, check out the Part One post here. Now for the nitty gritty honesty? I am kind of regretting going with gold paint, and wishing I had done a pale gray. It's a bit much for me (I like my light & bright neutrals) and somewhat clownish. Like a circus tent. Here's to hoping that I get used to them and find them a little less offensive after all that work.

So that's it for my stencilled curtains - I totally agree with Sherry from YHL that curtains/drapery are like eyeliner for your windows. Don't you think?! Hope you are all enjoying your long weekend (if you get one) and this fantastic sunshine we've been so lucky to have all weekend. I'll be back later on this week with some crazy news. Well, I think it's crazy - you might not. You'll just have to wait and see. I'm not pregnant. Let's put the fire out on that right now. Don't worry, Mom ;)


psssst... Cutting Edge Stencils has a 20% off sale on through till April 5th - so if this inspired you to get stencilling, now's the time to get your stencils using the code SPRING13. Happy Stencilling!

psssstpssssst... I am really in a quandary about the correct spelling for stencilled/stenciled. It's a bit late now, but apparently both are acceptable? I hate gray areas. Sorry if you like the one "l" version?!

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