Friday, August 30, 2013

The Romance of String Lights

Back at the beginning of this year, I blogged about a weekend adventure and shopping in the States. While we were there, we hit up Target and picked up 3 of these string globe lights. This was before Target opened in Canada, so it was pretty exciting. Haha, I'm not saying much about my life here, am I?! I digress. So, then I put them in the garage and forgot about them. We actually bought them with plans in mind for a big dinner party in the garage this Thanksgiving. I know, we are nuts. I am nuts.

Anyways, I thought it would be really nice to have them on the deck in the summer. We grabbed two 8 foot 2"x2" pieces of wood that we had left over and spray painted them black so they would blend with our deck rails. We used black zap straps and secured them. So these will be super easy for us to remove (we were a bit nervous that strata could come after us). We screwed in a couple of hook-thingies (umm, ya) by hand and put up two strings of lights. It took us 45 minutes beginning to end! Here's how it turned out:
Sorry, getting decent photos was a real struggle, as you can tell.

It was great for our Mexican Fiesta, and has been nice for extending our outdoor time with some romantic lighting. I don't know what it is about these lights, but they just have such a romantic vibe.

On another note, today is my dad's 60th birthday!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!!! xoxo.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pretty Pink Nursery | DIY Art Details

I'm taking off on vacation shortly but wanted to get this post up... just some details on the DIY art that I mentioned in the post about my girlfriend's nursery for her little girl. I made these as part of her shower gift to add to the gallery wall we had planned for the room. 

So I started with white, pink, gray and silver acrylic paints and a mixture of canvas sizes (I wait for them to go on sale or a good coupon and stock up on a variety). 

For this one, I went for an ombre-ish look. I used the gray and and pink and then just mixed with white to get the shade variation I wanted. Super easy. I like the texture of heavy paint so I usually load my brush up.
For this one, I started with a pink wash (paint mixed with water for a thinner consistency). I painted a couple coats on the canvas, let it dry and then went for an ikat style with gray, silver and white. 
I was going for ombre in this little canvas (6"x6" - cute, right?!), so used gray and white and mixed them for variations in shade. I added a little bit of silver as I went.
I just went for this one with all the paint colours!
Same with this one... pretty straightforward. 
And here's where I left off when I finished... waiting for them to dry so they could be wrapped up with the rest of the gift.

When we got to hanging them, we mixed them in with a few other things. 
I used a butterfly punch for this one, with some scrapbooking paper. Once I had the butterflies, I folded them in the middle and glued them to the paper, trying to keep some dimension to them. We used an Ikea Ribba as a shadowbox frame.
On the right, you can see some simple scrapbook paper framed (place holders for baby photos when she arrived!), and then an adorable pair of knitted baby booties that were Christina's as a baby. SO. CUTE. Between her and I, we already had all of the frames on hand so it was nice to not have to buy any!
And here is how it looks today!! We went for an asymmetrical gallery to make it a bit more fun! They are all hung with 3M picture hanging strips for ease of hanging and no holes in their walls (they are renting).
I have to say, I was so nervous giving my art as a gift - I am not exactly an artist. What if she didn't like it?! So I was pretty relieved when she liked it... or at least if she didn't like it, she's really humouring me :) Not bad for a completely DIY'd art wall, wouldn't you say?

I'll be gone for a couple weeks now, but when I come back I'll have a recap of our Mexican Fiesta that I talked about here, and a recap of our holiday. We are roadtripping and hitting up Seattle, the Oregon Coast, Portland,  The Gorge for a Dave Matthews Band concert (the same concert that Kris proposed at 3 years ago!) and then to Osoyoos. Cross your fingers for good weather! Looking forward to Pike Place (maybe a Mariners game), beaches on the coast, breweries in Portland and wineries in Osoyoos/Oliver/Penticton.


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mexican Fiesta | Inspiration & Planning

We're hosting a Mexican Fiesta themed dinner this weekend, so here's my brain dump of inspiration (sources here):
Spoiler alert... we already have these super romantic lights up, thank you Target!
On the menu...
Fish tacos with Halibut (recipe to follow)
Guacamole (recipe to follow... see, now you have to check back!)
Pico de Gallo/Salsa Fresca
Fiesta Bean Salad
Watermelon Margaritas (you better believe we got our hands on a commercial slushy machine)
I've got links to the sources for all of my photos on my Mexican Fiesta Pinterest Board (they link to the appropriate website with directions/recipes)... please click through!! 

I picked up these glasses at Pier 1 with a gift card from my inlaws. How perfect are they? I would never have bought them for myself (mucho expensivo), so pretty fun for a gift!!
Doesn't this look fun? I'll keep you posted on how it turns out. Ooooooh, and I found an awesome playlist on Songza that I can't wait to bust out... can you say Latin Merengue?!