Friday, October 18, 2013

Front Door | Fallification

Just a little peek at the only Fall decorating I do around here... as you can see, I keep it simple and neutral. No orange pumpkins here! Blech. It’s just not my colour!

I picked up a white mum, along with a couple small ones since they were on sale for $1.97. I had one of these pots already. I used to have some other pots that I used as well, but this year I was left with none when the last one cracked and broke. So, I picked up this black wicker one from Ikea. They had some great options!! I just plopped the plant inside it with the plastic pot it came with still on. These Ikea pots aren’t really meant for true potting – they have a plastic liner so you don’t ruin them with watering but I wouldn’t be filling them with dirt.
These other two pots were actually from Walmart... look at the cute pots they had! Made to look like Elm or Birch, depending on your choice. I went with the birch. In the small one, I put a small Mum and 2 little Dusty Millers. The big pot has ornamental kale in it. Isn’t it pretty? I loved the ruffled leaves and colour variation. It does need sun so I don’t think it will last long here. But that’s okay.
Ummm... don't mind that garden hose.

My door mat is the same as previous years – I just love that little owl guy.

As for my pumpkins, I found some fakes this year! Ghost pumpkins at Michaels – I think they are foam so probably carvable if you wanted to do that. They were on sale for 50% off a couple of weeks ago so my sister picked these up for me. I wanted to add a bit of fun to them so I used some glue and glitter to add some sparkle. After that I sprayed them with a flat lacquer. Oddly enough, this turned some of the glitter into liquid and I lost some of the sparkle. There’s still some there, though. I might attack the other two with some thumbtacks like this, or some gold spray paint. The gray/green pumpkins were picked up at a local nursery for $2 each (Harris Nursery in Delta for any locals – best prices on pumpkins, mums, etc). That’s a really good deal around here now that the colour is so trendy – they call them “fancy pumpkins” now!
Happy Fall Y'all.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Living Room Makeover | Building a Gallery Wall

I have been drafting catch up posts today and couldn't decide what to post first! You get this post because I'm most excited about it :)

Get ready for a photo-heavy post. So, remember way back here when I talked about my inspiration for our living room makeover? Well, I finally did it. Or most of it. I've been slowly collecting bits and pieces (as budget allowed and prices were right) since I posted about it, and then I did this:
Let's back it up. If you follow me on Instagram (@andrea5e or link on top right sidebar), you might have seen this a few weeks back:
I gave this formerly all black pot a little gold action. This pot has had a couple coats of paint over the years... it started as white with a blue lip, then went all cream, then all matte black and now has a little gold lipstick. This got the ball rolling and I started thinking about the wall over the couch.
So, I emptied it. It used to look like this
And pulled out my stash of frames (yes, I have a stash of frames - bigger than this).
And did some diy watercolour painting*.
It wasn't until Thursday night that I really got moving (Again, you might have already seen this on Instagram!):
I started laying out frames and playing with the arrangement. I landed on this layout pretty quickly. I started laying what I might fill the frames with on top as well. Then, I started adding post-it notes to the things I might spray paint - some were frames, some were mats, and I indicated what colour I was thinking of painting them so I could start to visualize the direction I was headed.
Then I spray-painted my brains out. The next day, I noted how many frames that I didn't have anything for and started searching out photos on my computer, mostly summer vacation photos. I uploaded my choices to Costco (FYI, awesome for photo printing - they do specialized sizes of enlargements like those annoying sizes you need to fit Ikea Ribbas for great prices). They offer 1 hour printing, but only in person... I called right after I uploaded my order and they said it would be no problem to have them ready in 1.5 hrs. Perfect. Oh, and almost every one of the photos are iPhone shots. Yup.

I chose photos that are personal but don't necessarily have our faces all over them... they are places we've been, things we've done. That way it doesn't feel like a wallpapering of our faces. I really wanted to have an eclectic mixture of things.

Notice that I have a lot of photos of this process? It's how I remember my layout once I start working! I keep referring to my photos for placement.
The next step was to measure the approximate size of my layout on the ground and then tape off my working space on the wall. We made sure the tape was applied level and measured out the distances from ceiling and top of couch that I wanted.
I started with the wedding tree frame because it was the biggest, and what I was calling my anchor (along with the large frame on the top left). I just worked my way over. Only the two large frames are hung with wire on screws. Every other frame is hung with 3M Command Strips. Yes, best invention ever. I should work for them, I'm in love. I've used them and professed my undying love for them here, too. Nope, they aren't paying me. I wish. I digress.
Done. But something was off. Do you see it?
Yeaaaaah, I had to move the wedding tree frame over a couple inches to the right - the spacing felt too tight with the small frames on its left. Better! There is the odd bare spot (on purpose) - I'd like to keep adding and building to the wall when I get cool things (not framed stuff, interesting objects).
We finished after dark, so here are some daytime shots for you!
A few more photos now that my coffee table vase is no longer empty...
This is as intense as my indoor fall decor gets - these 3 for $0.99 ghost pumpkins. My front door is a bit more festive, post to come.
Oh, and my pillows!! All changed out. I ordered the back gray print covers from PopOColor on Etsy back in June when they went on sale for 50% off. The white fluffy pillows are from Pier One at Christmas time, the coral pillow is from Indigo (bought for $14.95 when on sale!) and the black and white pillow is from good old Ikea.
Here's the breakdown of what's in my frames, going top to bottom, left to right:
2. Engagement Photo, by Jamie Delaine
3. DIY Watercolour*
4. (to the right) Personal photo of my coffee from Stumptown in Portland, Oregon
5. (back up to the top) Personal photo in Seaside, Oregon
6. Personal photo from Instagram
7. Personal photo (old)
8. DIY Watercolour*
9. (back up to the top) DIY Watercolour*
10. The World is Your Oyster print by Rifle Paper Co from Indigo (mine is a smaller version than the one in the link)
11. DIY Watercolour*
13. Personal photo from Cannon Beach, Oregon
14. (back up to the top) Personal photo from our wedding venue
15. Personal photo from Cannon Beach, Oregon
16. Personal Instagram photo from Departure at The Nines in Portland, Oregon
18. (back up to the top) DIY Watercolour*
19. Our wedding guest book tree from Bleu de Toi on Etsy, custom framed at Michaels

*My DIY watercolours are not my original art - I saw someone else's on Instagram and decided to try my hand at making something similar since I already owned the paper and paints. Once I made two (the loopy one and "X"), I kept going and the other three are my own designs. Please find the original artist here. Just in the interest of full disclosure and credit to the original artist!!
Obviously, my motivation to get moving on this was that we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 20 in our garage on Sunday (... post to follow!). What better time to tackle a project than 2 days before a massive event in your home?!... said with some mild sarcasm. I'm thankful that my husband tolerates these types of occurrences from me :) Anyway, we both love the new look. It feels much more like US. So, there you have it. What do you think?! Have I gone too neutral for your tastes? Are the hits of coral too feminine for you? Not Fall enough? I totally don't care, because I can't get enough of it!... said with love :)