Monday, February 16, 2015

Stencilling Textiles 2.0

Hiiiiiii! Just stopping by with a fun project.
Remember back when I stencilled these curtains and these curtains? Well, Cutting Edge Stencils was kind enough to offer me a stencil and stencil kit from their new line of designs... I chose the herringbone stitch allover stencil (obviously I like herringbone?!) and then started thinking about where to use it. I had a few ideas, but decided to go with stencilling a blanket - the Gurli blanket from Ikea... the price is right at only $14.99! Be forewarned, this particular blanket had a bit of stretch to it, and was not a perfect rectangle which makes stencilling with a linear pattern a bit tough. I had to let go of perfection and accept a little added character :)

I covered my kitchen table with plastic and then a drop cloth so my blanket wouldn't slip. Once I laid the blanket out (which is definitely a two person job when the material has stretch... trust me on that one), I lined up the stencil and taped it down with painters tape. Easy peasy. I used Martha Stewart paint in Rose Gold, added a bit of water and some fabric medium. I mixed that up, and then went with the dense foam roller as my tool of choice. Once I got going, it went super quick - probably 5-10 minutes for each pass with the stencil. After 4 passes, I took a short break to let the paint dry before re-adjusting the blanket on the table and then carried on.
Once I finished up, I let it sit and dry for 24 hours and that was that. I will likely still heat set it so it's washable but all in all, it was a quick and simple project. And now I have a one-of-a-kind metallic herringbone throw blanket :) You can see that everything is super neutral right now - I like to tame down the colour in the winter and bump it up with pattern and texture. Spring is around the corner, so might have to stencil another throw with a punch of colour! Oh, and if you are wondering - the paint does not make it stiff and crusty - it's important to use fabric medium, and in my experience watering down the paint helps too.
You might have noticed that I've changed up my coffee table styling a bit... I searched for sources, but most aren't available anymore:
Wooden Tray - Target
Mercury Glass Vase - Home Sense
Coasters - Anthropologie
Coral - Target (but I've painted it)
Mercury Glass Candle - Capri Blue Candle from Indigo
White Candleholder - Target
DIY cactus from Home Depot in mason jar

Thank you to Cutting Edge Stencils for supplying me with the stencil and their stencil essentials kit!